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Adam and Eve

I’m going to go clean my room after this post, because I haven’t set it up since I moved in last week. When I’m done, if I have time, I’ll post one or two more. I think I only have like 3-5 more main things to post. Everything else will be optional. This is the next edition of my Bible story breakdown. What’s after the Beginning? Adam and Eve, of course. I enjoyed studying this part, because I learned a lot more than what you’d learn in the basics of it. After I wrote this, I heard a saying that I’ve heard before and thought of something else that involves Adam and Eve’s initial story, but also a section later in Genesis. I’m thinking about waiting until I get to that part to portray my thoughts. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and feel free to discuss your hate; I’ll be waiting. *smoke ball* (Original post date: 3-10-14)

Genesis 2:4 – 3

We now reach another well known story, Adam and the Garden of Eden. Reading this go through, I noticed some things I haven’t before. We’ll get into them when they come. This entire story takes place during the Sixth Day. Adam was born after the animals and God told him to name all of them. This includes serpents. All of this takes place in the Garden of Eden, though I’m pretty sure animals exist outside of it too. To my understanding, God planted three types of trees: normal fruit trees, the Tree of Life, and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Some people believe there is only the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, but the Word says also, so I don’t see how it can only be two types of trees. There’s also a river that turns into four rivers.

Now, God commands Adam that he can eat of any tree, but the Tree of Knowledge or he’ll die. This is a very important concept. Now, Adam starts to name all the animals and stuff and was like “man, there is no one like me around these parts. I’m bored as heck!” So God was like go to sleep and snatched one of his 10 ribs and created Eve, a woman. So now everyone has only 9 ribs and marriage was born. They were both naked and not ashamed, because what is naked anyway? We were born like this, what else could there be?

The serpent appears, now here is something I didn’t catch. The serpent was probably #2 in terms of rank of all beings on earth. True, Satan possessed the serpent, but the serpent alone could stand up and could speak the tongue of man. It was cunning in of itself. It was also not as ugly as serpents today, because Eve was talking to it like a friend or some mess. One of my friends was like “this is when dinosaurs came to be.” I don’t understand this thought process, but it could be true. I believe they were created with the rest of the animals on the Sixth Day and somehow died out before Adam was born. Or maybe they co-existed, but just weren’t in the Garden of Eden, or maybe they were, who knows.

But anyway, the serpent asks if it’s true that no onecan eat from the tree.  Eve responds that they will die if they touch or eat from the tree. God specifically stated that Adam could not eat from the tree.  Eve wasn’t even born yet and God said nothing about touching the tree will cause death. In all of God’s curses, he only curses the person(s) doing the act and these rules only apply to those born from the curse. If you got cursed by God, I won’t be touched by it, nor your spouse. Only you and your children and so on.  Eve was basically born from Adam, so she could only be cursed if Adam was cursed. Eve and all animals would not die if they ate from the tree! But, let’s say that it’s Adam and Eve that will die. The serpent states that she will not surely die. Please note that death isn’t known to either man or angels.  I’d say only the Trinity knows what death truly is.  Satan was either Second in command or grouped with the other Archangels for second in command and even they wouldn’t know what death is. His main purpose was to try and get others to do what he did: disobey God and try to become like God. Eve told the serpent that everyone in the Garden will die. We’re able to assumed that the serpent(and possibly other animals) already ate from the tree and were like “man, we still here, what this chick talking about?” She was falling right into his trap. A question could be asked, “Why Eve over Adam?” My answer is, would you try to trick someone that was told direct rules or the one that received hearsay? Satan knows exactly what he is doing, when he picks his prey.

So Eve is talking to this serpent that is almost identical to her and he did not die from eating from the Tree of Knowledge. He obviously ate another(or his first) in front of Eve, since “she saw that it was good food.” The serpent further pushes her desires(because that’s why people sin, unGodly desires.) by stating that she could be like her Creator and this is why He doesn’t want you to eat this fruit. I believe Satan actually believed his words, because to his understanding only Adam and Eve couldn’t eat the fruit. Eve eats it and didn’t die, so she was like “Man, Adam this fruit is the best and I’m still alive, eat this so we can become like God.” Adam eats the fruit…because who can say no to a beautiful woman? After Adam eats the fruit, both of them instantly become aware(furthering my theory of Eve not being able to be cursed by her actions, because she ate the fruit well before Adam.”

God is angry, so he sends Pre-Jesus or Logos, who is the Voice of the Trinity, to find out what Adam and Eve gotten themselves into.  Both Adam and Eve point the blame on another. Adam on Eve and Eve on the serpent.  I’m sure God would have forgave them if they straight up was like “Man, sorry, I messed up.” but humans like to pass blame.  Each party is punished. The snake becomes a low class animal(no one respects snakes/serpents), Eve causes all women to have a painful child birth and cause women to be a step below men(Women used to be direct equals to men!), and Adam cause every man and woman to have to work for what they want.

Now, God kicked out Adam and Eve.  What does man do when they had it easy and then was suddenly kicked out?  They try to get back into that safety blanket. Adam obviously kept trying to have the easy way in life, because God got tired of kicking him out, so he planted 2 or more cherubims to guard the entrance of Eden from the east. Obviously that’s the only way to get into Eden. Then somehow Adam got past them, because angels are not Gods; they can get distracted also, probably was playing Go fish or whatever. God had enough so he placed this powerful flaming sword that was not playing those games. Adam knew the deal now and went about his business.

A few things to mention: one, the Garden of Eden still exists! If you find the Eastern passage with two angels playing Go Fish, that is the Garden of Eden.  Two, there is a way to gain immortality on Earth. Go into the Garden of Eden and eat of the Tree of Life. God stated Himself that that tree will give eternal life. Three, God mentions once again that the Trinity exists. “Only Gods(Us) knew about good and evil, but now also man.”


A Little Bit Of Nostalgia Plus Slade

So, as some of you know, I haven’t had internet up until Tuesday. Then I had an emergency later that day and Thursday was an important day for everyone, but me. So here I am on Friday, after a long drought. No need to talk about my life just yet, since I still need to post everything, so I’m probably going to…post everything. You know, just get it out the way. Then I’ll only have to worry about writing new things. So, without further ado, Adventures of Joeboben Pt.2…I guess that what I’ll call it to keep things simple, since a name was never created. Rereading this one, I realized that these writings have way too many references for the average reader. But, whatever. Maybe one day, someone will be able to catch some of these… (Original post date: 4-2-11)


It has been pretty rough lately.  I mean, I’m actually tired of all the attention.  Lately, people have been following me and calling out my name and sometimes even calling me other names just to show their love.  ”Joeboben, come back here!”  ”Haha, we’ve finally found you, Joeboben!”  I don’t understand why they have to charge at me all at once, though.  It was flattering at first, but it’s whatever now.  I visited a new town yesterday.  This one is actually a bit crowded, but at least no one knows who I am.  Despite how much louder it is than what I am used to, I can easily call it…peacefully annoying.

There are some strange characters around here: people eating hotdogs with toppings other than ketchup and mustard, people apparently leaving their keys in their car, so they have to forcefully get in…usually by like breaking the window.  I guess there’s no cheaper alternative in these parts.  I helped a young man get back into his home; he apparently locked his keys inside and that window was the only available entrance. They also have a weird way to playing.  Some guy took this lady’s bag and ran off, while the lady waves at him, while shouting obscenities.  I’m not sure why she looks at me as if I stole something from her.  I mean, I guess this place would be normal if these people were like criminals or something.

Probably the most normal person around here was a boy that was decently short and didn’t look malnourished at all.  He had a baseball cap. a baseball bat leaned against his shoulder, a striped t-shirt, and was walking with some dog.  There was no glove, so I guess they are going to play fetch instead.  Some innate feeling told me to talk to this person and my instinct usually leads me in a quite choice direction.  ”Yo, kid!”  He glared at me as if he were about to blast me away with a psychic attack dubbed after his favorite activity.  He then smiled and walked in my general direction.  ”My name is Joeboben,  I hail from…” He walks to the chicken stand behind me and demands them to make a chicken sandwich.  The lady pulled a sandwich from inside her cart and an already prepared monstrosity smothered in barbecue sauce was presented to the boy.  I don’t know how these places always know exactly what everyone wants ahead of time.

He later walks over to me, since I decided to waste a decent portion of my time standing in place, looks me up and down, then states that his name is Slade.  ”That’s a pretty boss name.”  I wanted to say that in my head, but nothing happens the way I want it to.  ”You’re dressed funny…well not really funny, but just…plain.”  He continues to stare while attempting to leave no trace of his midday lunch.  He giggles in a sort of childish way and his entire demeanor changes.  He notices my “tools” and asks what style I was trained in.  ”Style?  I don’t know any styles.  I just consider myself, true.”  Pedestrians stopped and decided to stare at me for a few moments before doubling their previous paces as if my repertoire magically spawned onto my back.  ”So, you want to spar sometime?”  I decided this guy could be a threat to my mad skills, so I response was of course, “Affirmative.”

Spending the next few days together, we caused a bit of havoc around the surrounding area.  Authoritative figures quickly burned our faces into their minds and if they even thought we were around, they took action.  It wasn’t like we were breaking the law or doing anything harmful, we were just…I guess…very disruptive because of our long, drawn out conversations that usually resulted in random, boisterous arguments.  ”Officer, there’s a huge ruckus in the square…The topic you ask?  Well, apparently, baseball bats aren’t in this season…”  The rockets flared.  Baseball bats were apparently totally in that season and they sent seemingly some of their best men to take care of us. “To be continued…”

Apparently, we distracted them from the real threats to society, so in order to end our reign of ruining their proud, sane city, they decided to separate us.  Offering Slade an offer he couldn’t refuse, I was one, once again.  I don’t understand why I didn’t receive the offer though, but whatever.  I decided to travel elsewhere, so I waited until sunset and walked in the general direction of the sun.  Despite the numerous amounts of sunrises I have romantically, but non-homoishly spent with Slade, I never once got that sparring session.  Whatever though.

In The Beginning…

This is my first entry to my Bible interpretation. Basically, every story that’s in the Bible, I’ll do a piece on…hopefully at least. I figured out not too long ago that everything the Bible says can be viewed in different ways. Usually people use their reaction to oppress others. Even in 2014, this is still going on. Like marriage and same-sex issues. I’m not going to go deep into that, maybe another day, but my biggest problem is that people will put all their money and power to stop someone from living their lives and use the rest of it to try their 3rd marriage. Like really? People are crazy. If God wanted us to force the Bible upon others, then why would he give us free will in the first place? Please note, that I am against the idea of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, but I support it, because people are and should be allowed to live their lives how they want. Don’t lose your place in Heaven just to force someone else into Heaven(please realize that this is impossible, by the way.). But again, this is severely off topic. This is supposed to be about the first seven “days” of the universe. I hope everyone enjoys and feel free to comment. I’m not easily offended and the Bible should be discussed; by Christians and others. In other words, if you want to make a sound argument about something, you should know your information.

Genesis 1 – 2:3

So everyone in the world knows this story.  Not much to really go into either, since it’s almost straight forward. First off, a day to God is supposedly 1000 years to man. Who knows how that works; it’s just not for us to know. I know there’s another belief that these days described are actual human days, but remember, this is my interpretation.  I’d like to hear others opinions on my topics though. Would be pretty cool; no human knows the Bible as pure fact.

Pre-days: It doesn’t start out in the first day. God created the heavens and the earth.  Heavens is usually defined as celestial bodies. I don’t think it’s actual Heaven, because it is not capitalized.  So it is assumed that God, The Son, The Spirit, and all other spiritual bodies were already alive for who knows how long. So Earth and all other celestial bodies were created.

First Day: God said let there be light and the sun started to shine on the Earth.  I can’t really guess if the sun reached the Earth or if the clouds surrounding the Earth allowed sunlight to pass through.  The earth was receiving darkness and light at the same time, so God was like naws and took care of that; day and night is now a thing.

Second Day: God made the oceans and seas and crap and made everything above that it’s own thing. Simple concept.

Third Day: God wanted something different, so he split the sea and ocean to create land or Earth. Did you know that people didn’t start calling Earth…Earth until like…”recently?”  Earth used to be considered only land. God also created plants and stuff to make the world green.

Fourth Day: Now, I am a bit confused by this. Either heavens only include non-stars or the Fourth Day is interpreted wrong.  I don’t really know, I actually looked it up and they said the mention of the stars, sun, and moon are just recounting the fact that they were created on the First Day. Who knows? Anyway, either the Sun, moon, and stars were created or they just gained their true purpose on the Fourth Day. The four seasons were also created. Just in time for..

Fifth Day: God created the “lesser” animals. Now things get real. Creationism vs Evolution. Birds and sea animals were created on the fifth day. The famous line be fruitful and multiply… everyone loves that line. Birds and fish were just…yeah anyway, This is where people believe humans came from.  First we were born on the fifth day and swimming/flying, then the…

Sixth Day: happened. The land animals were created, including monkeys. Dang, ancestory huh?  Later in that day, humans were created in Our(Father/Son/Spirit) image. According to science, this is either 2.5 million years ago, 500,000 years, or 200,000 years. This day is what I believe supports the theory about the Sun/moon/stars being created in the First Day, not the Fourth Day, since the Sixth Day humans were created, then later the story of Adam and Eve. I feel that the Sixth Day overlaps with the Adam and Eve story and the Seventh Day was probably after Adam and Eve got cast out or right when Eve was born. The latter is probably more true. This brings up another theory that I had.  Days are very loose based terms.  I actually looked it up when I had this theory and it turns out, the original Hebrew words were not Day, but another word that means “Morning or 24 hour day, or any undefined amount of time.” So each day could actually be different from the other. So maybe the Seventh Day was actually 24 hours or a short amount of time comparatively.  The First Day was probably uber long and it gradually became shorter until the Seventh Day, so God probably didn’t have much time to rest and wondering why us kids always crying about being up all night.

Seventh Day: Straight forward. God was like “I’m done, let’s make this day special.” and it was so. The Sabbath Day(Saturday/Sunday/indescribable amount of time).

~Teh Frank

What In The Blazes?!?! The Yearn For Trusionistic Conflagration

I was just going to post two things before bed, but my eye caught this little masterpiece. Three explanations real “quick.”  A while back, I wasn’t able to continue my main short short story due to technical difficulties and indecisiveness. So, I asked the masses what type of story would they like to hear me right about. A few generic, lame answers came, but there was mostly silence. Far into the future, like two weeks later, some anonymous person, which I wish I knew who it was, stated their suggestion: “I’d like to read a story about a girl firefighter who is torn between the love for her job and the disrespect received from her ‘brotheren’ … or whatever kinda stories you want to incorporate.” Brilliant idea! So I started on that.

Secondly, for everything that I write, I imposed a rule on myself: If I don’t finish what I was writing and must leave or do something else, I must start completely over. Of course this caused problems, but I still enjoy the idea. If I write the same thing three different times, it would have plenty of variation. I can have notes, though and if I’m writing a story, I’m allowed to read previous posts.

Lastly, for this particular series, there’s an additional rule. The rule was originally for the next series I start on, but I decided that too many short short stories will delay the process too greatly, so the rule is for this one: I am not allowed to reread previous entries…up to a certain point. Maybe like 3 or 5 or something. So, this will probably be the most interesting of stories as it could repeat itself to a certain extent or even skip time so that confusion will be had. I like the idea, but maybe others won’t. Whatever. I kinda cheated, since I forgot about my rule until I started writing this intro, but I didn’t read the second part, so part 3 will be based only on the part 1…unless my commenters decide otherwise and want me to renege my rule just this once for a more balanced part 3, since it has been so long since I’ve written it. It’s up to you guys, but if no one responds, part 3 will be blind~


“JoeBoBen!!!!  Don’t you dare go in there. Can’t you hear the crackling of those flames? That house is done for!” “I only hear the voice of a screaming child; don’t worry,*theme music plays* I don’t plan on making a cliche phrase before I run into this burning building.” The loud fireman looked reassured now. “Hmm, guess I’ll gladly accept his resignation.  Now I’ll be top dog.” With the unfamilar silence further fortifying his doubts, he turns towards the fire red pumper. “Prepare the trampoline!!!” The radios of the crew blurts. *Did he really survive?* “Umm…actually, wait about 10 seconds.”  The rescue crew abruptly stopped in their tracks and stepped back.  *Crack/Crumple/Shatter!!!A television set flies out the window, leaving only the frame.  The sounds of flames were no longer heard, only the footsteps of 4 men + 1 extra, the sound of glass further shattering as it hits the asphalt, and the victorious music played by JoeBoBen’s boombox.  ”Who the heck do you think I am!” In a plume of smoke, a large shadow and small shadow jump from the paneless window, with the larger shadow wielding a remote control.  “Mr. Fireman, you’re awesome! Teehee”  “No, JoeBoBen the Fire Destroyer! is awesome.” *With what seems like an endless time period in the air* “Mr. JoeBoBen the Fire Destroyer! I want to be a Fire Destroyer when I grow…” *boing* The anti-dramatic trampoline catches the duo and dumps them on the ground with mild impact, while simultaneously the house crumples to the ground in an instant. “Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Don’t even finish that sentence young lady, women don’t have the guts to fight fires. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll have some paperwork for you by the time you’re old enough.”  The young girl had tears in your eyes as she looked up at the sunny sky.  ”Don’t worry little noobert.”  The child didn’t calm down one bit. “I wanted to be a secretary, but my legs are a bit too hairy for a mini-skirt.”  The child laughed, somehow knowing what the Fire Destroyer! meant.

~Some undistinguished amount over 10 years later

Come back here!  *The consecutive sound of footsteps can be heard* ”Heroes never run, I thought!”  ”Hahahaha, naw, heroes are lesbians!” A fiesty girl wielding a wrench can be seen chasing a hefty young man with a remote control. “Grrr, I’ll bash your head in.” “Maybe if you weren’t a woman, that could be seen as true Bwahahaha.”  ”Birdsooooooooooong” A loud voice bellows…rattling the unswept dust on the ground.



Image is Everything?

One day, I got tired of people always talking about the way I dress or present myself, so I decided to write a little story to defend myself. I still feel this way today, but my views on my image has been altered slightly. I guess it comes with age or some mess.


Some say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Others say “Your actions speak louder than words.”  So from this, we can assume that actions/pictures or images > words.  Now that we know that “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me,”   What about the other two?  Let’s take a good Samaritan as an example.  He is dirty and smell and looks hood, but he just saved a child from a burning building.  Now, would you think he would be feared or praised?  I’m pretty sure praised, but of course when you first see them, you would think they are a nobody and horrible person.  Now, let’s take a thug 4 lyfe, dressed in a nice suit and tie.  This powerful foe blows up Manhattan with only his ki.  Of course his suit stays clean and fresh. Is this guy a role model?  Of course not, but at first glance, he looked clean.

So, now we can finally have the correct equation for your life.

At first glance: Image > Actions > Words

99.9999999999872431% of life: Actions > Sticks and Stones > Image » Words.

So, make your actions count and leave me alone about how I look.  I don’t need a haircut all the time, nor do I need to dress like I’m 38.  Just shut up and follow my example as a true good person.

~Teh Frank

With Nothing But Sunshine Ahead, Enter ________?

This was my 48th entry on my old blog. I had no idea I wrote all that random stuff on there, lol. I was pretty wild 3 years ago, I read one post and I was super rude to someone… Glad I changed…slightly.  Anyway, this particular story is my first public short short story. I wrote it randomly and showed a couple of people it and it’s apparently a fan favorite. I’ve once heard “This story is good, but not nearly as good as that first one you wrote.” That awkward moment when a comment makes you proud and disappointed at the same time. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. (Original post date: 3-9-11)


Hey you, STOP!”  A shoe salesman of considerable size can be seen sprinting down the alley, leaving behind a yellow plume of dust.  ”Man, he’s fast…”  The thief was so sure about his incredible speed until today.  With each step follows a heavy gasp for air; his speed is never decreased.  Now, you may be thinking that this is the hero of this epic story(not to be confused with an epic poem; no relation) and you could be correct, but let’s continue and see. The thief was finally making some distance between him and his pursuer, but there, yes there, ahead of him was…a dead end!  A pretty fine arrangement of bricks stood in the way of sure freedom and ghastly oblivion.  Surely, good will prevail over evil today.  ”Son of a…” The thief kept running despite the trap which lies ahead.  ”HA” Sadly, the readers do not get to see the act of retribution today as the thief makes a sharp left turn at the intersection.  If only this were some kind of animated series…the dead end would have surely worked.  No one seems to be able to turn left or right in those things.  

“Ok, I believe I can get out of this safely,” exclaimed the thief, but a dark shadow blots out the sun in this unbelievably bright alley.  Further believing in his speed, he somehow gathers enough strength to take it to the next level.  He no longer heard following footsteps, but just a bunch of wooshes. Faster…faster he goes, but the tailed shadow will not stop.  ”Now, I’ve caught you!”  Now, it can’t be the salesman, so who could it be?  The shadow finally starts to become something more than just a disfigured silhouette.  A rather obese, tall, and  actually quite ravishing individual lands immediately behind the thief.  ”You shall pay for what you have done!”  ”What exactly did I do?,” asks the thief, seemingly trying to buy some time to think of a masterful plan.  The third member of our story exclaimed “Well, you obviously stole something.  I believe it’s time wheeze to pay for your huff puff actions.”  The thief shifts into top gear, and the second pursuer seems to be losing his footing on him also…but then, again, a dead end.  The thief looked to his left…then to his right.  This time… “There is no escape, deep breath sir.  Admit defeat.”  The new guy is breathing as if he just ran a true marathon(Approximately 26 miles).

The thief looked hopeless, but smirked.  He obviously had a devious plan.  ”Alright, time to finally test this out.”  The caped man(Yes, he was wearing a cape.  Didn’t I mention this?) looked confused, as he should be.  “Shinkuu HADOUKEN!” The thief roared while facing the wall and having his palms thrusted out with the base of them touching.  His fingers were curled and his arms extended.  The spectator watched as nothing happened as though it was the single most amazing thing in life to ever happen.  The thief has failed his marvelous display of skill.  ”Well, it was worth a shot, I actually didn’t steal anything.”  The guy obviously didn’t believe him and took a stance that seemed like after he took action, it would pummel his foe into the earth from which he stood.  ”You will not be forgiven.” Just as he began to thrust his elbow forward(I mean, really?)  the shopkeeper somehow made it as if he knew exactly where they would be, even though he was left way behind. “Yes, we all know you are lying” he spoke as if more than two people were there and he somehow heard the conversation before he made it to the rest of the party.

The thief looked worried, then angry.  ”I told you I didn’t steal anything.  What exactly is your shop missing?”  Baffled, the shopkeeper remembered he didn’t actually see him stealing anything.  The newly formed party make it back to the shop and the shopkeeper watches his security camera tape, with the others standing in the back with the mighty power of ADHD. “Umm, can you guys pay attention for even one second?  The “thief” was telling the truth.  He didn’t steal anything.”  ”Then what did I just burn approximately 1,000 calories for?…give or take, of course.”  The hero, disappointed, sulks and walks out the shop.  ”Man, I’ve been following this guy for a week, because of all the shopkeepers around here chasing that boy daily, claiming he stole something.  What if he never stole anything?”  The imaginary cameras in your brain lose focus and begin to pan over to the “thief” as that loser we just left is not the protagonist.  Probably was a waste of space for this story.  ”What is your name boy and why are you terrorizing all the shops in the area?  I keep hearing about you and thought I would be the one to finally catch you. Do you know how much publicity I would have received for my store?”  The boy spoke…while looking slightly worried “They call me, ‘That One Average Guy.’  I really don’t know what this writer wanted to call me(oh snap, fourth wall…broken) but since I was called an average guy, I decided to dub myself Joeboben.  And my purpose?  Well, I just wanted to increase my running speed by taunting the fastest people in the vicinity.  It has actually worked out quite well, as you can see…or rather… feel HAHAHA!”  ”GET OUT MY SHOP!”  The shopkeeper roared, but he couldn’t keep a straight face at all; he knew that mess was funny. Joeboben, the man of pure averageness, takes off running, while smiling.  Based simply off the turn of events that has happened to him today, he knew that life would be quite grand for days to come.  You actually do not notice him because he is just so average and the daffodils around him are increasingly more interesting…mainly because he fades off into the darkness…at least in your imaginary brain camera.

“Well, one other thing. *BOOM* (The closing quotation mark exploded)  I am taking over as narrator, so I have no use for such atrocities anymore.  I am Joeboben and you will listen to what I have to say.  No longer will you see italics, no longer will anything be explained, no longer will I say ”no longer” after this.  Stay tuned, because Joeboben has been entered and you will not have to waitany longer.

~Teh Frank

Ceremonious Opening of Ceremony

So, apparently, every blog site asks this same exact question. I guess it’s like an opening ceremony of sorts, so I’ll just copy and paste like usual. Also, on my last site, people used to ask me questions when I first started it and I answered them publicly. So, if you want me to add those, let me know. And if you want to ask me a question and for me to post it publicly, let me know that, too.  Remember anonymous or whatever, it doesn’t matter.


My earliest human memory is when I was two years old.  We were outside playing with minimum adult supervision, although there were a few 8-12 year olds.  We were playing outside and this guy named Quincy was out there.  He was apparently a bully because he was chasing people around and no one wanted him there.  Well, at one point, he flipped his eyelids and was scrolling his eyeballs left to right, chasing us younger ones.  Mess was scary and we were running around some raised wooden thing(The type of wood that was used for those old sandboxes) with dirt inside and a tree, then I told my cousin Krystal, also 2, to come with me as I ran towards my apartment door.  The slightly older children, including both of our older sisters, apparently were not intelligent enough to think of this on their own, so they followed us, but way later.  My cousin and I made it inside, locked the door and looked out the window as the other noobs banged on the door in horror.  The adults in the kitchen asked what was going on, but apparently wasn’t really interested as they went back to talking, while ignoring the bangs on the door. It eventually became silent. I believe they are all ok.