Image is Everything?

One day, I got tired of people always talking about the way I dress or present myself, so I decided to write a little story to defend myself. I still feel this way today, but my views on my image has been altered slightly. I guess it comes with age or some mess.


Some say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Others say “Your actions speak louder than words.”  So from this, we can assume that actions/pictures or images > words.  Now that we know that “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me,”   What about the other two?  Let’s take a good Samaritan as an example.  He is dirty and smell and looks hood, but he just saved a child from a burning building.  Now, would you think he would be feared or praised?  I’m pretty sure praised, but of course when you first see them, you would think they are a nobody and horrible person.  Now, let’s take a thug 4 lyfe, dressed in a nice suit and tie.  This powerful foe blows up Manhattan with only his ki.  Of course his suit stays clean and fresh. Is this guy a role model?  Of course not, but at first glance, he looked clean.

So, now we can finally have the correct equation for your life.

At first glance: Image > Actions > Words

99.9999999999872431% of life: Actions > Sticks and Stones > Image » Words.

So, make your actions count and leave me alone about how I look.  I don’t need a haircut all the time, nor do I need to dress like I’m 38.  Just shut up and follow my example as a true good person.

~Teh Frank


2 thoughts on “Image is Everything?

  1. Stephanie

    that was great, Frank. I think you inspire me to start a blog myself. its not like im doing anything else with my life.



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