In The Beginning…

This is my first entry to my Bible interpretation. Basically, every story that’s in the Bible, I’ll do a piece on…hopefully at least. I figured out not too long ago that everything the Bible says can be viewed in different ways. Usually people use their reaction to oppress others. Even in 2014, this is still going on. Like marriage and same-sex issues. I’m not going to go deep into that, maybe another day, but my biggest problem is that people will put all their money and power to stop someone from living their lives and use the rest of it to try their 3rd marriage. Like really? People are crazy. If God wanted us to force the Bible upon others, then why would he give us free will in the first place? Please note, that I am against the idea of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, but I support it, because people are and should be allowed to live their lives how they want. Don’t lose your place in Heaven just to force someone else into Heaven(please realize that this is impossible, by the way.). But again, this is severely off topic. This is supposed to be about the first seven “days” of the universe. I hope everyone enjoys and feel free to comment. I’m not easily offended and the Bible should be discussed; by Christians and others. In other words, if you want to make a sound argument about something, you should know your information.

Genesis 1 – 2:3

So everyone in the world knows this story.  Not much to really go into either, since it’s almost straight forward. First off, a day to God is supposedly 1000 years to man. Who knows how that works; it’s just not for us to know. I know there’s another belief that these days described are actual human days, but remember, this is my interpretation.  I’d like to hear others opinions on my topics though. Would be pretty cool; no human knows the Bible as pure fact.

Pre-days: It doesn’t start out in the first day. God created the heavens and the earth.  Heavens is usually defined as celestial bodies. I don’t think it’s actual Heaven, because it is not capitalized.  So it is assumed that God, The Son, The Spirit, and all other spiritual bodies were already alive for who knows how long. So Earth and all other celestial bodies were created.

First Day: God said let there be light and the sun started to shine on the Earth.  I can’t really guess if the sun reached the Earth or if the clouds surrounding the Earth allowed sunlight to pass through.  The earth was receiving darkness and light at the same time, so God was like naws and took care of that; day and night is now a thing.

Second Day: God made the oceans and seas and crap and made everything above that it’s own thing. Simple concept.

Third Day: God wanted something different, so he split the sea and ocean to create land or Earth. Did you know that people didn’t start calling Earth…Earth until like…”recently?”  Earth used to be considered only land. God also created plants and stuff to make the world green.

Fourth Day: Now, I am a bit confused by this. Either heavens only include non-stars or the Fourth Day is interpreted wrong.  I don’t really know, I actually looked it up and they said the mention of the stars, sun, and moon are just recounting the fact that they were created on the First Day. Who knows? Anyway, either the Sun, moon, and stars were created or they just gained their true purpose on the Fourth Day. The four seasons were also created. Just in time for..

Fifth Day: God created the “lesser” animals. Now things get real. Creationism vs Evolution. Birds and sea animals were created on the fifth day. The famous line be fruitful and multiply… everyone loves that line. Birds and fish were just…yeah anyway, This is where people believe humans came from.  First we were born on the fifth day and swimming/flying, then the…

Sixth Day: happened. The land animals were created, including monkeys. Dang, ancestory huh?  Later in that day, humans were created in Our(Father/Son/Spirit) image. According to science, this is either 2.5 million years ago, 500,000 years, or 200,000 years. This day is what I believe supports the theory about the Sun/moon/stars being created in the First Day, not the Fourth Day, since the Sixth Day humans were created, then later the story of Adam and Eve. I feel that the Sixth Day overlaps with the Adam and Eve story and the Seventh Day was probably after Adam and Eve got cast out or right when Eve was born. The latter is probably more true. This brings up another theory that I had.  Days are very loose based terms.  I actually looked it up when I had this theory and it turns out, the original Hebrew words were not Day, but another word that means “Morning or 24 hour day, or any undefined amount of time.” So each day could actually be different from the other. So maybe the Seventh Day was actually 24 hours or a short amount of time comparatively.  The First Day was probably uber long and it gradually became shorter until the Seventh Day, so God probably didn’t have much time to rest and wondering why us kids always crying about being up all night.

Seventh Day: Straight forward. God was like “I’m done, let’s make this day special.” and it was so. The Sabbath Day(Saturday/Sunday/indescribable amount of time).

~Teh Frank


2 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

  1. Veronica

    ” Don’t lose your place in Heaven just to force someone else into Heaven(please realize that this is impossible, by the way.). ” I like that.



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