Adam and Eve

I’m going to go clean my room after this post, because I haven’t set it up since I moved in last week. When I’m done, if I have time, I’ll post one or two more. I think I only have like 3-5 more main things to post. Everything else will be optional. This is the next edition of my Bible story breakdown. What’s after the Beginning? Adam and Eve, of course. I enjoyed studying this part, because I learned a lot more than what you’d learn in the basics of it. After I wrote this, I heard a saying that I’ve heard before and thought of something else that involves Adam and Eve’s initial story, but also a section later in Genesis. I’m thinking about waiting until I get to that part to portray my thoughts. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and feel free to discuss your hate; I’ll be waiting. *smoke ball* (Original post date: 3-10-14)

Genesis 2:4 – 3

We now reach another well known story, Adam and the Garden of Eden. Reading this go through, I noticed some things I haven’t before. We’ll get into them when they come. This entire story takes place during the Sixth Day. Adam was born after the animals and God told him to name all of them. This includes serpents. All of this takes place in the Garden of Eden, though I’m pretty sure animals exist outside of it too. To my understanding, God planted three types of trees: normal fruit trees, the Tree of Life, and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Some people believe there is only the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, but the Word says also, so I don’t see how it can only be two types of trees. There’s also a river that turns into four rivers.

Now, God commands Adam that he can eat of any tree, but the Tree of Knowledge or he’ll die. This is a very important concept. Now, Adam starts to name all the animals and stuff and was like “man, there is no one like me around these parts. I’m bored as heck!” So God was like go to sleep and snatched one of his 10 ribs and created Eve, a woman. So now everyone has only 9 ribs and marriage was born. They were both naked and not ashamed, because what is naked anyway? We were born like this, what else could there be?

The serpent appears, now here is something I didn’t catch. The serpent was probably #2 in terms of rank of all beings on earth. True, Satan possessed the serpent, but the serpent alone could stand up and could speak the tongue of man. It was cunning in of itself. It was also not as ugly as serpents today, because Eve was talking to it like a friend or some mess. One of my friends was like “this is when dinosaurs came to be.” I don’t understand this thought process, but it could be true. I believe they were created with the rest of the animals on the Sixth Day and somehow died out before Adam was born. Or maybe they co-existed, but just weren’t in the Garden of Eden, or maybe they were, who knows.

But anyway, the serpent asks if it’s true that no onecan eat from the tree.  Eve responds that they will die if they touch or eat from the tree. God specifically stated that Adam could not eat from the tree.  Eve wasn’t even born yet and God said nothing about touching the tree will cause death. In all of God’s curses, he only curses the person(s) doing the act and these rules only apply to those born from the curse. If you got cursed by God, I won’t be touched by it, nor your spouse. Only you and your children and so on.  Eve was basically born from Adam, so she could only be cursed if Adam was cursed. Eve and all animals would not die if they ate from the tree! But, let’s say that it’s Adam and Eve that will die. The serpent states that she will not surely die. Please note that death isn’t known to either man or angels.  I’d say only the Trinity knows what death truly is.  Satan was either Second in command or grouped with the other Archangels for second in command and even they wouldn’t know what death is. His main purpose was to try and get others to do what he did: disobey God and try to become like God. Eve told the serpent that everyone in the Garden will die. We’re able to assumed that the serpent(and possibly other animals) already ate from the tree and were like “man, we still here, what this chick talking about?” She was falling right into his trap. A question could be asked, “Why Eve over Adam?” My answer is, would you try to trick someone that was told direct rules or the one that received hearsay? Satan knows exactly what he is doing, when he picks his prey.

So Eve is talking to this serpent that is almost identical to her and he did not die from eating from the Tree of Knowledge. He obviously ate another(or his first) in front of Eve, since “she saw that it was good food.” The serpent further pushes her desires(because that’s why people sin, unGodly desires.) by stating that she could be like her Creator and this is why He doesn’t want you to eat this fruit. I believe Satan actually believed his words, because to his understanding only Adam and Eve couldn’t eat the fruit. Eve eats it and didn’t die, so she was like “Man, Adam this fruit is the best and I’m still alive, eat this so we can become like God.” Adam eats the fruit…because who can say no to a beautiful woman? After Adam eats the fruit, both of them instantly become aware(furthering my theory of Eve not being able to be cursed by her actions, because she ate the fruit well before Adam.”

God is angry, so he sends Pre-Jesus or Logos, who is the Voice of the Trinity, to find out what Adam and Eve gotten themselves into.  Both Adam and Eve point the blame on another. Adam on Eve and Eve on the serpent.  I’m sure God would have forgave them if they straight up was like “Man, sorry, I messed up.” but humans like to pass blame.  Each party is punished. The snake becomes a low class animal(no one respects snakes/serpents), Eve causes all women to have a painful child birth and cause women to be a step below men(Women used to be direct equals to men!), and Adam cause every man and woman to have to work for what they want.

Now, God kicked out Adam and Eve.  What does man do when they had it easy and then was suddenly kicked out?  They try to get back into that safety blanket. Adam obviously kept trying to have the easy way in life, because God got tired of kicking him out, so he planted 2 or more cherubims to guard the entrance of Eden from the east. Obviously that’s the only way to get into Eden. Then somehow Adam got past them, because angels are not Gods; they can get distracted also, probably was playing Go fish or whatever. God had enough so he placed this powerful flaming sword that was not playing those games. Adam knew the deal now and went about his business.

A few things to mention: one, the Garden of Eden still exists! If you find the Eastern passage with two angels playing Go Fish, that is the Garden of Eden.  Two, there is a way to gain immortality on Earth. Go into the Garden of Eden and eat of the Tree of Life. God stated Himself that that tree will give eternal life. Three, God mentions once again that the Trinity exists. “Only Gods(Us) knew about good and evil, but now also man.”


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