The Gift

I wrote this in my second year of college(at Georgia Southern).  I rushed it because I didn’t know we had to turn it in and I was just online looking at stuff.  She apparently loved it and said I should consider taking a creative writing class(which I didn’t, because that was my last semester there).  This is one of the few poems that made it out of my brain. I don’t really do poetry, only when I was asked by teachers or whatever. I’m pretty much just wasting time while I don’t post anything new, lol. I’ll post something new eventually, so just eat this for now.

The Gift

Hand-picked for that special someone

A binding agreement it seems to be

Wonderful ‘cause only you and He

Can know and share this special treat

To bear the burden, one given by God

To choose your path, make your own creed

Wonderful ‘cause you choose it not me

It is for you, this special treat

How to use it, for good or evil

The path you choose determines your feat

Wonderful ‘cause your freedom is free

A gift from God, your special treat


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