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The Gift

I wrote this in my second year of college(at Georgia Southern).  I rushed it because I didn’t know we had to turn it in and I was just online looking at stuff.  She apparently loved it and said I should consider taking a creative writing class(which I didn’t, because that was my last semester there).  This is one of the few poems that made it out of my brain. I don’t really do poetry, only when I was asked by teachers or whatever. I’m pretty much just wasting time while I don’t post anything new, lol. I’ll post something new eventually, so just eat this for now.

The Gift

Hand-picked for that special someone

A binding agreement it seems to be

Wonderful ‘cause only you and He

Can know and share this special treat

To bear the burden, one given by God

To choose your path, make your own creed

Wonderful ‘cause you choose it not me

It is for you, this special treat

How to use it, for good or evil

The path you choose determines your feat

Wonderful ‘cause your freedom is free

A gift from God, your special treat


Twice beneath a space, out of a close sky, there died an alien who…

So, I wrote this story for this one girl that was like “Make me an improve story, please :D” so, I did. I’ve only ever done this one other time, but that time was with AIM smileys. The largest difference between this and any other thing I write is it is completely off the top of my head and they have to give me the first line/topic. Most other things I at least thing about beforehand, even though I write without notes or anything like that. So, without further ado…

had a story that was written all over her body. It was a peculiar tale that involves phenomenon possibly unaware to humans at their age, but who can properly calculate with this particular distance of light years. Aside from the endless battles of wits, esprit, and laser battles, there’s also bouts of…tree climbing. Yes, tree climbing…but you’re probably thinking about the boring episodes of a young boy and his friend, climbing to the top of his parents tree and sitting together on a branch, endlessly assessing the afternoon landscape. No, my friend. Here in htraEtenalP, we do things slightly different. Yes, yes, cultivated in carefully constructed gardens, as you call it, in a vacuum sealed, zero gravity chamber, we have created Deciduous Levities. These trees are some of the most resilient foliage known to this Universe!

The Battle of Levity…This is what htraEtenalP’s renowned sport is called. People from all over train from the day they are able to don a htraEtenalP Levity Gravity Suit, or simply hLGS. Wait, you say that’s a strange acronym? Ha ha, what planet are you from? hLGS, while it may seem like it would be quite expensive, actually are given to each family member from the day of their birth. They are able to equip them at the age of three human years and they grow along with the owner. Inhabitants are able to participate in The Battle of Levity at the tender age of 15 human years. The Battle of Levity consists of climbing a Deciduous Levity with only your arms and using your arms to swing to the next Deciduous Levity, landing on your feet and climbing down using only your legs. Sure, the concept is simple, but remember, this is inside our specialized zero gravity chambers. Our current champion is 79 human years, so of course there is no age limit.

And this fulfills the history of The Battle of Levity and the legendary Deciduous Levities. Hmm? What does this have to do with the dead alien? Well, that human girl was the last of her kind to survive at htraEtenalP. She challenged our champion, climbed our Deciduous Levities at an astonishing rate, and crashed into the canopy. We couldn’t get her down, so we just left her there. It’ll be ok.

Image is Everything?

One day, I got tired of people always talking about the way I dress or present myself, so I decided to write a little story to defend myself. I still feel this way today, but my views on my image has been altered slightly. I guess it comes with age or some mess.


Some say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Others say “Your actions speak louder than words.”  So from this, we can assume that actions/pictures or images > words.  Now that we know that “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me,”   What about the other two?  Let’s take a good Samaritan as an example.  He is dirty and smell and looks hood, but he just saved a child from a burning building.  Now, would you think he would be feared or praised?  I’m pretty sure praised, but of course when you first see them, you would think they are a nobody and horrible person.  Now, let’s take a thug 4 lyfe, dressed in a nice suit and tie.  This powerful foe blows up Manhattan with only his ki.  Of course his suit stays clean and fresh. Is this guy a role model?  Of course not, but at first glance, he looked clean.

So, now we can finally have the correct equation for your life.

At first glance: Image > Actions > Words

99.9999999999872431% of life: Actions > Sticks and Stones > Image » Words.

So, make your actions count and leave me alone about how I look.  I don’t need a haircut all the time, nor do I need to dress like I’m 38.  Just shut up and follow my example as a true good person.

~Teh Frank