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Welcome! Care to join me?

Hello people. This is my first completely publicized blog. Before only a few people that asked or whatever seen my other blog, but this one…this one is open to all.  It will basically be the same, but I shall only post short short stories(not a typo) and other things similar, like my personal interpretation of the Holy Bible. I can sometimes be a pretty controversial guy, so don’t come and be offended, because I mean no harm. I just believe what I believe. Also, don’t steal my stuff. You’re a thief and a liar if you do. No one likes those guys. You can share and all that type of stuff, but none of that using for personal benefit.

Please comment, please post suggestions; I want it all. Tell me if you didn’t like it, somehow liked it, wish I added something, or if I should just delete it because it is too uncool. If I ask for input or your ideas, state them. I don’t care if you’re anonymous. Everyone is the fuel to keep me going, so if everyone is afraid to state their mind, my mind will refuse also. That’s just the way it works, I guess. I would love to write for just me, but that just doesn’t happen.  So, let’s work together as a team and make some lame, uninteresting things happen.

At first, all I’m going to be doing is reposting things from my last blog. I’ll then categorize them, for better navigation or something, then eventually some new stuff. But if you guys actually exist, then all of this is going to be new for most. 😀

Lastly, my only rule is to limit profanity and don’t judge the way I write. If I don’t have an apostrophe or if the English isn’t what you learned in high school 100%, I really don’t want to hear/read it. Unless you’re like a English major or something, I can almost guarantee I speak English as well as or maybe even better than you. I just get lazy sometimes or that’s the way I speak under lax, everyday terms. All my “day before due” papers are B’s(One C, but that was Mrs. Kaiser; she doesn’t count).

I hope everyone enjoy this “project.” Cheers~

~Teh Frank