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Well…You see…

I haven’t posted anything in a fairly long time and I apologize. As I told another, “bad habits run deep,” and this has been a reoccurring theme since freakin’ MySpace. I’m going to try to end that now, since this is my first completely public blog.

Now, a “what am I doing” post is going to be rarely seen in this blog, but I should fill this post with something, so it won’t be completely naked with nothing. Well, as of late, I graduated. I barely told anyone, pretty much just my mom voluntarily and everyone else that knew basically asked about it. So yes, that includes siblings, my best friends, my dad, Mojo Jojo, and Bailey. Aside from that, I found a new job. From the job description, I figured it would basically be help desk support, but I was wrong. It’s a call center job for IT support. I prefer hands-on, so I really didn’t want to go to the interview, since it’s only slightly in my field(Anyone can do it basically). But with persuasion from my mom, some of the voices in my head, and God/Jesus, I realized that there was a reason this job appeared and it’s still a big step in the right direction. So, I went to the interview and had to take some super easy intro quiz. Next, I got interviewed and one question she asked was also super easy and she said “You’re the first person I’ve ever interview that correctly answered that.” I really didn’t like that response, because that proved to me that it doesn’t really require an IT background.

But I took the job and started training today. It was freezing in that place; the sadness was real. Decent benefits and 120 hrs PTO per year; 40 per trimester. So, a week per trimester that stacks until the end of the year, plus two floating holidays, so 23 days per year. Health, dental, eye, life insurance, and all the other stuff that most jobs get. I’ll have to check with my mom or some other knowledgeable person to see which of my health insurance options are better, but I’ll take the others.

Aside from that, my older sister birthed my niece named Ava Rose. Umm, I went to a family reunion this weekend for my mom’s side. It was pretty cool. I actually talked to my 2nd/3rd cousins when normally I don’t. Usually only I first cousins, but luckily, none of them was there :D. Well, except my little cousin; she was there. I actually got pretty close to her also.

My younger cousins don’t really play much at family reunions, so we started a relay race at the picnic. Teams A and B had an older person, a younger, but still old person, and 2 younger ones. Team OMEGA, with SUPREME captain, ME, was just me and 3 young ones. “We don’t care what people say” I kept them hype and excited and for the most part they stayed as competitive as I am. First race we won. It ended up in a foot race between me and my younger cousin who’s a running back in high school. He’s faster than me, but I had a headstart cause my team is boss. I actually kept up with him pretty well, though, despite my supreme out-of-shapeness. We got second in the second race, same circumstances, but this time he had a head start. Standard footrace first time, slide feet side to side second time. I could have sworn I won, but the “officials” said he won. Whatever. 3rd time, was a weird race. Backwards run, then bear crawl back. I ace, my baby cousin, ditched me for another team, so we didn’t have our prime. But it still ended up between me and him AGAIN. I got smoked that time, because I can’t bear crawl for crap. Needless to say, I got second place, but we could have gotten first if I didn’t have that traitor leave me.

Short story shorter, the rest of Friday, we went swimming, and I can’t swim anymore apparently(Though I was never a strong swimmer). Saturday, I went skating and I suck at skating now. But, I got used to it, but was wondering why it took so long…my left skate was defective. It just wouldn’t turn around turns. I also fell, because of some little white boy that stopped skating literally right in front of me. Anyway, story is over. I’ll post a real one later tonight. Deuce!