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Ceremonious Opening of Ceremony

So, apparently, every blog site asks this same exact question. I guess it’s like an opening ceremony of sorts, so I’ll just copy and paste like usual. Also, on my last site, people used to ask me questions when I first started it and I answered them publicly. So, if you want me to add those, let me know. And if you want to ask me a question and for me to post it publicly, let me know that, too.  Remember anonymous or whatever, it doesn’t matter.


My earliest human memory is when I was two years old.  We were outside playing with minimum adult supervision, although there were a few 8-12 year olds.  We were playing outside and this guy named Quincy was out there.  He was apparently a bully because he was chasing people around and no one wanted him there.  Well, at one point, he flipped his eyelids and was scrolling his eyeballs left to right, chasing us younger ones.  Mess was scary and we were running around some raised wooden thing(The type of wood that was used for those old sandboxes) with dirt inside and a tree, then I told my cousin Krystal, also 2, to come with me as I ran towards my apartment door.  The slightly older children, including both of our older sisters, apparently were not intelligent enough to think of this on their own, so they followed us, but way later.  My cousin and I made it inside, locked the door and looked out the window as the other noobs banged on the door in horror.  The adults in the kitchen asked what was going on, but apparently wasn’t really interested as they went back to talking, while ignoring the bangs on the door. It eventually became silent. I believe they are all ok.